Sacrificing Reach for Frequency

Reach and Frequency

One of most basic mistakes a marketing professional can make is seeking to build reach without appropriate frequency.

As a quick definition for both terms, the Reach is the number of people exposed to your message; this could be expressed in terms of thousands or a percentage of your target audience.

The Frequency is the number of times your target audience is exposed to your message over a period of time.

The key to successful marketing is to get the balance right.

Your message needs to be seen an appropriate number of times by your target audience to ensure they understand your message and have the opportunity to respond should they need to, and you need to have your message exposed to a large enough audience to ensure an appropriate number when they respond will produce the results you desire.

However many times the marketer will aim for a high reach. “We want everyone to know us” is their aim.

One strong school of thought is to understand who you can afford to own, and then own them.

In other words, identify who you can afford to promote to, and ensure they all understand what you do, what benefit they can obtain by dealing with you and how they can interact with you.

In simple terms, for example direct marketing. If your budget is limited, eg: $1000. It could cost you $25 per thousand for direct marketing distribution.
To distribute 25,000 brochures/ fliers would cost $625.
Printing will absorb the balance of your budget.

So do you target immediately 25,000 homes/businesses, or would it be better to target a smaller number but distribute to them every 2-4 weeks. Maybe 5000 businesses/ homes a total of five times, to build frequency and develop in the market an understanding of your offers, products, services, business and what your potential customers can receive as a result of dealing with you.

The above is a simplistic example designed to demonstrate the principles discussed.
Obviously we need to also consider the message, the design as well as the timing. There are many factors affecting the success of a campaign, seeking professional advice from a marketing professional will assist in building a successful campaign.

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