Is radio losing its mojo in Cairns?

In 2016 the radio industry conducted their first radio survey in the Cairns market for almost 10 years.

Since then the industry has commissioned an annual survey measuring audience levels and listening patterns. The method used is telephone polling, rather than diary records.

Four years of data shows several key points:

1/            Listening audience for radio is fairly strong and static. Radio has not suffered the same fate as television with declining viewing.

In Fact the radio cumm audience has grown steadily 2016 – 2018, but declined sharply in 2019, however the declined figure still rests above the 2016 figure.

As evidenced in Table 1, the figures show the total cumulative audience per station layered over the four survey years. HOT/HIT has shown the greatest decline, this could be due to several reasons, changing breakfast announcers as well as the lack of key blockbuster shows like Hamish and Andy during drive 2019.
The biggest improver and showing steady increases over the period is Star FM, with their Breakfast show as well as Drive show tracking great numbers.
Interesting to note is that the ABC brands, (non-commercial radio) each year commands between 28% and 42% of the listening audience. This trend must be worrying for the commercial stations.

Table 2 reflects the split between commercial radio and non-commercial radio brands in the Cairns market. The strength of the ABC brands can impact upon advertisers resulting in the need to select and craft an advertising schedule to target your potential customers rather than a shot gun approach and scatter ads across the one network.

Table 3 merely presents the numbers as a percentage of the audience, showing that in 2018 the ABC brands collectively dominated with 42.9% share of the cumulative audience.
It’s only when you drill down into specific dayparts that you start to see the true story emerging.
If we concentrate on the commercial brands, in Breakfast we see that STAR FM with Dave in Inkie have consistently grown their audience and are nor firmly established as the number on radio show in Cairns.
HIT FM continues to cruise along, perhaps kept alive more my music than announcers.

Table 4 reflects the cumulative audience levels for Breakfast. Now perhaps now we need to understand what exactly is a cumulative audience?
Cumulative Audience is worked out by asking if someone listened for a particular period of time to a particular radio station. This period of time could be as short and 5 minutes or in the regional cases 15 minutes duration.
So the cumulative audience is the unique listeners, who have listened for at least 15 minutes to a particular show. So when the figure comes in at 49,900 cumulative audience listening to STAR FM Breakfast that means, if you placed an advertisement, every 15 minutes during that show, Monday to Friday you would reach a total of 49,900 cumulative listeners. The figures now do not seem so grand.
However the figures do give indication as to where you will find your audience and during what broad period of time you will need to chase them.
Media buying is a craft, it is better to have 25 well placed advertisements rather that 100 poorly placed advertisements.
If you have a media representative offering you the best thing since sliced bread in way of a schedule, perhaps you should consult a media buying specialist to review the schedule and recommend options that are not linked by commission payments.
I could continue to drill down and pull the radio figures apart even more, looking at shows, age groups and days. If you are serious about getting the best value for your money when it comes to advertising, contact Solution Based Marketing.

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