Frequency – The key to successful advertising

How many times were you asked to clean up your room as a child before you did it.
Some kids are fantastic and do it immediately they are told, others need to be told 3 – 10 times before they finally act.

Cleaning up the room is your number 1 priority however it may not be the number 1 priority for your child.

Advertising is the same, some will react when they see or hear it the fist time, others need constant reminder before they finally act. Ensure your advertising creates frequency sufficient to gain a response.

You message may be good, and also resonate, but it is not the number 1 priority of the customer. “I just need to do this first…. When I get my tax return…. That’s a good idea, when I get my holidays I will…”  They key to successful marketing is to awaken, remind, reinforce, reinforce and reinforce, so when the timing is right, next day, next week, next month… the response will be there.

As a rule radio needs a frequency of at least 10. (That is not 10 ads, but each listener must hear you advertisement at least ten times to be truly effective. To achieve this you need your ads in a short duration flight and buy a minimum of 30+ advertisements.

Television at least a frequency of 3

Newspaper will need at least a frequency of 3 as well

Never sacrifice frequency to build reach. Tell them again and again. Own your audience. The results are there for the taking.

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