10 Characteristics of leaders & roles models

Great Leaders
  1. Uncompromising integrity. – manifested in many ways,  essentially commitment for the long term and the long term good of the organisation, and the willingness to help someone else, even when there is nothing tangible to expect from it.
  2. High Energy– the ability to keep going, unending energy.  The ability to attack each day with renewed enthusiasm, with a clear sense of direction, the ability to discern between important activity and busy work.
  3. Good at working priorities– there is a distinct difference between setting priorities and actioning them.  A great leader can do both. Cox (2001) says “if you have a frog to swallow, don’t look at it for too long.  If you have more than one frog to swallow, swallow
    the biggest one first.”
  4. Courageous– Leaders are never afraid of tackling new challenges, exploring new boundaries and taking risks.  This is not irresponsible, but instead by embracing courageous behaviour and accepting responsibility for the consequences a great leader sets themselves apart.
  5. A committed and dedicated hard worker– earning the respect of all co-workers and peers, a great leader displays a passion and commitment to their work, striving at all times to be their best.
  6. Unorthodox and creative– effective leaders display unconventional as well as creative streaks.  The effective leader is an innovator and likes to experiment with new thinking and approaches. Challenging colleague’s creativity and unorthodox approaches.
    It is important to look at things differently and not to be afraid of failure, learning at all times from those mistakes, if we learn from our mistakes, those mistakes become perfect failures.
  7. Goal orientation–successful leaders have sufficiently strong and defined goals that they actively shape their community and support their goals.  They choose their associations intelligently so they surround themselves with people who foster a culture of leadership success.
  8. Inspired and contagious enthusiasm– great leaders and role models inspire enthusiasm in others. Displaying an infectious energy willing others to join in and come along for the journey.  As a leader colleagues draw upon your genuine enthusiasm, whilst you fuel your enthusiasm by accomplishing goals and having a passion for what you do.
  9. Staying level headed– Focused and acting decisively and swiftly.  Clarity of thought, with
    the ability to see clearly through the confusion to quickly see the heart of the problem and then plan a solution quickly.
  10. A desire to help others grow and succeed– the final trait of a great leader is an honest desire to help others grow and succeed. Many times this honest desire is developed through the culture of the organisation, a direct result of the leadership and approach to the business.

A great leader’s behaviour will impact greatly upon the efficiencies of the workplace.  Employees embrace and endorse a company’s goals and objectives under the guidance and development of a great leader and role model.


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