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Is FaceBook building your business credibility or damaging it?
Social media commentators all agree that Face Book’s greatest strength for a business is its ability to build your brand and put a
“face” to your business.
There are many benefits to our businesses when we use Face Book wisely.
Our customers can be communicated with faster than most other mainstream media:
Our customers can build over a period of time a positive image of our businesses:
New products and services can be explained, demonstrated and even sold using Face Book.
But the biggest concern for Face Book Marketers is the battle to maintain credibility for a business on Face Book.
Currently Face Book is the social interaction platform for over one billion members worldwide.  With so many members and
millions of posts happening every hour, it is fair to assume that a reasonable percentage of posts and legitimate, but there are a
mounting number, (growing hourly) of hoax posts, designed to see how far and wide they can travel.
The battle for marketers is to ensure credibility on their walls a trusted source of information and entertainment.  As a
business, if we are attempting to deliver decent trustworthy information regarding our product and services, and our clients
products and services it is critical to deliver an environment surrounding these posts of credible, trustworthy entertainment.
Consider this scenario:  would you advertise a new product for the financial market, or a service for professional person -
doctor, lawyer in a paper full of stories about aliens abducting humans, or animals conceiving human babies, or even miracle
cures for people seeing the face of Jesus in someone’s handkerchief.  All very entertaining stories but lacking in credibility and
not the right platform for many advertisers to position their products and services with.
The lesson here for all professional marketers and companies using Face Book is to vet carefully information that is places on
your timeline.  Share carefully and like respectfully.
Brand association is an important issue for any business, service or product.  Ensuring your brand health is vital for the long term
marketing success of your business.  Face book offers unique challenges due to its like and share function.
Sharing and liking are the equivalent of a referral in the tradition sense of the word.  Liking is a traditional referral, sharing is the
equivalent of a referral with a personal introduction to your business associates and a referral to them.
Many of the bogus and hoax posts are quite simple, they sound nice, designed to make people feel warm and fuzzy, but
designed to mislead and to see how far it will spread virally. 
Consider these recent hoaxes:

In summary :  Position your business’s public face carefully.  Monitor its association to ensure it reflects your business branding
and professional standing.  Face Book is a valuable tool for building your brand and personalising your business, however use it
Consider the function of Like & Share as a valuable referral tool.  Treat Likes and Shares with respect, and at all times consider
the credibility of your business page and those you associate with.
For assistance in building a professional online social media presence, contact Solution Based Marketing, - We Build Better
Businesses. <>

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