Solution Based Marketing - Cairns  has been providing quality business and marketing services to Australian businesses for the past 15 years.
Based in Cairns, with clients throughout Australia, Solution Based Marketing can work closely with you to :

- Increase the effectiveness of your marketing

- Decrease your total advertising spend

- Improve profitability

- Increase your brand awareness with your key customers

- Improve customer service and upsell opportunities

- Build corporate identitiy

- Produce highly visable and cost effective special publications for your business.

- Maximise your business profile using social media effectively

Always remember: there's only 4 ways to grow sales revenues.

1/  Find new customers

2/  Increase prices

3/  Increase the yield

4/  Sell what you give away

Most marketing will focus upon option 1, at Solution Based Marketing we review and work closely with each business in particular assessing the opportunities existing across all options, but carefully reviewing option 3, increasing the yield through valid upselling opportunities.

Achieving the best result for our clients includes a comprehensive review of all existing systems, marketing, web design, social media presence as well as point of sale and sales processes followed. Significant increases in sales revenues can be achieved without spending additional monies by merely maximising the efficiencies and changing the focus to reflect the needs of the market and your customer.

Solution Based Marketing are specialists in increasing your revenues and building better businesses.

your solution is clear......
Solution Based Marketing

building better businesses

ph: 0478 413 627
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